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By a family business committed to childrens football.

FOOTIEGOALS are made with high-impact environmentally friendly recyclable plastics. They are made to last and include better quality thicker longer lasting nets. With unbreakable stronger corners, the goalposts outperform all other children's plastic goals by a country mile. With an extended warranty, they take some beating.


As the creator of - “Mini-Soccer“ ITSA Goal were the first company to make safe PVC goal posts for children. Over the years numerous copies of this concept have come and gone but none have bettered our PVC goal posts.

The company provide goalposts “Made in Sheffield“ for the more discerning buyer in high impact uPVC, aluminium and fixed position steel goals. Safer- easy to use- innovative football goals that encompass better engineering.

The FOOTIEGOALS range of PVC goals have been made especially for the garden. They outperform other low cost plastic goalposts as they have the same quality nets and mouldings as the higher specification professional PVC ITSA Goal post club range.

FOOTIEGOALS have locking net support stanchions to hold the uprights and ground frame together unlike other PVC goals that just push net supports (unlocked) into holes. These can dislodge when footballs hit them or if they are moved around. Suppliers omit this important point and often state fully locking and not part locking, which we feel is misleading. In our opinion a basic design fault that reduces the lifespan of such goals.

Goal nets do not last as they fray along the ground when they are wrapped and clipped around the posts. This is why we do not use clips in the same way as other garden football goals.The net tie system we use on our garden goals extends the life of the goal post net.

We have over twenty five years of genuine feedback, not just one liners about service and delivery. in all this time we have never had any negative feedback. Many of our customer comments can be viewed on this and our ITSA Goal site. A few of the negative comments sent in to other suppliers web sites about other garden football goals can be seen on “what customers says”

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