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By a family business committed to childrens football.

FOOTIEGOALS are made with high-impact environmentally friendly recyclable plastics. They are made to last and include better quality thicker longer lasting nets. With unbreakable stronger corners, the goalposts outperform all other children's plastic goals by a country mile. With an extended warranty, they take some beating.

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soccer football goalpost 4 x 3 soccer football goalpost 4 x 3


FOOTIEGOALS are a new version of the popular ITSA GOAL posts that have been created specifically for gardens where goalposts are left erected. A real alternative to the Far East imports that are flooding the market that often use plastics that are not regulated, may have harmful chemicals added and break very easily.

All our plastic goalposts use safe strong regulated virgin materials and are fully guaranteed. Top quality professional plastic goals offered at a reduced price that compares favourably against cheap poor quality imported goal posts.

The grass surface garden FOOTIEGOAL versions are slightly smaller in height and the mini soccer goal posts are slightly shorter in length to the club goals but they use the same quality fittings, plastic and goal nets.

ITSA GOAL PVC goal posts are the preferred club goals and have been used for affiliated football matches for over twenty five years. The sizes shown on the club goal posts are measured from the inside of the posts whereas some footie goals are to the outside. These goalposts have fully locking posts, net supports and goal nets can be easily lifted on and off.

ITSA Goal offer a guarantee that is double that of any other plastic goalpost brand. When we say these goals outperform others and last longer they do!

Other branded plastic goals state they last but none have extended the guarantees they give. One did but soon reduced it to the minimum ….and that speaks volumes.

"You have my personal guarantee that you will not be disappointed with our goalposts "
John Wilson - Inventor of the first plastic goals, creator of kids Mini Soccer